What is a Smart Home?

H.A.V.E. Alarm offers you the smart home
once a hi-tech dream, now an affordable reality.

With the right technology choice, smart home solutions can deliver real value and help make your home safer, smarter and more efficient.

Using just your smartphone and the Alarm.com app, you can control video cameras, heating and cooling, door locks and alarms.  Your smartphone will tell you what’s going on in your home and you can respond and control from wherever you have a smartphone signal, even from all the way across the country!

Watch this video for a quick look at what the modern smart home can do for you.  


Smart Home Devices

Alarm.com’s technology deepens your connection with your home. Our Smart Home Security solutions include interactive security, energy management, video monitoring and home automation. Installed and supported by a network of authorized dealers, Alarm.com powers an entire ecosystem of Smart Home devices, all controlled through a single mobile app.

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